Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

i don’t know why people feed him, he isn’t interesting and oh so predictable.


From a commentator at  mediamatters(dot)org


Here is where even better:


if he was in your neighborhood you would watch to make sure he stayed away from your kids

How do you like being a known pervo, Pennis Jeans?




A masterly summation

Exif_JPEG_422Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA Dennis
4 days ago
Who appointed you the moderator here, Dennis?
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1949vet Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA
4 days ago
The answer to your question is: “Dennis.” He apparently keeps a mental dossier on everyone here. Comply. If you don’t, you’ll be scolded, condescended to, and/or be punished by having your user name childishly bastardized. That’s his schtick, and it’s why I stopped feeding whatever’s going on in his head.
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EveningDennis replied to you on More leaked video: Watch Scientology welcome 2007, a year David Miscavige would regret 2 hours ago
Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA 2 hours ago
And that seems to cause you a lot of discomfort.

Dennis 2 hours ago
Who the hell are you?
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Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA a few seconds ago
That’s too bad.

Dennis is now Aqualung




imagen hour ago
Hey Franky Poo, how’s life as a loser? How’s your blog? Not keeping up with it, are you? Too busy scooping ice cream? you dirty pedophile

Poor Pennis.

Dennis Dr Entheta
6 minutes ago
You seem obsessed. Harassing her on the phone when you called here 50 times not enough for you. Need more of it, DA?

Going through perversion withdrawals.
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Dr Entheta Dennis
a few seconds ago
Perversion is beating one’s child when one is a habitual drunkard, like that piece of excrement Frank DiSalle. I’ll post this at my blog in case Tony decided to delete your crap.  You can flag my comments if you like.  You aren’t going to report me to Disqus because then you can’t interact with me anymore.  And if you want to come to East Gliplib, CA and take the quarter tour of this vile, poor desert town, I’d be glad to do it for free.


Thanks for looking up my blog here, now I have your home IP and I can have a lot of fun with it later on. Cheers!

Pennis Jeans is back.

Like a sick and twisted carrier pigeon, Pennis Jeans started commenting to me again. Tell him how you feel about that, at (804)320-8899. Don’t bother talking to that cow Rebecca, she’s as clueless as an iceberg.