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When you’ve gone too far

After Frank’s little stand-up for the Confederates(19th Century traitors, in other words), Oliver has to be direct and blunt:

I’ve tried to give you subtle hints, but Frank, just go away.

Will he take the hint?

Jeralyn slept through her science classes

Jeralyn banned me a while back, so it’s with some satisfaction that she demonstrated today she thinks having an active social life in the ’70 or her law practice makes her an expert on neurobiology:

If the meth high produces a memory, so would the meth crash, which is a very powerful and miserable experience. Who would seek to replicate that memory?

Because the meth is gone out of the system by the time the meth crash takes place, so the same memory formation biochemistry is missing.

And this is a member of our so-called ‘educated’ class in this country.

We might as well invite the Chinese to come over and hand them the keys to this country instead of waiting 20 years from now.

Frank DiSalle is a big, whiny baby.

The latest missive from our mature Catholic correspondent:

You did a crappy search, and did not find the answers you were challenged to find, period. You could have found the city I lived in on search one, and the communities on search two, and if you didn’t know where they were, search three would have told you that White Plains, Harlem and Long Island were all within 20 miles of New Rochelle.

Now, direct me through your search, as if you have no knowledge of the outcome.

You are a fraud, a phony , and a fake, and like every other liberal Democrat, you can only win in one of two ways: Pretending you won, when you didn’t; or cheating.

You can’t use Google, so you cheated.

As I told him in the comments, he’s free to tell his Google expert all the details and I’ll abide by whatever she decides, for either he or I as the winner.

Holding anger and resentment to one’s bosom isn’t the way to mental or physical health, I just hope that Frank doesn’t have a heart attack over it.

Frank apparently can’t read English

In a comment thread at Oliver Willis I made the following challenge to Frank:

Now, here’s one for you: The town I was born in is west of the Mississippi River and it is also the location of the westernmost point of banditry in service of the Confederacy on the North American continent.

Where was I born?

To which he replied:

Major Sherod Hunter, an Arizona Confederate who had commanded the Confederate force which occupied Tucson in the Spring of 1862 and fought the westernmost battle of the war at Picacho Pass, April 15, 1862.


One of the organization’s main activities was to recruit and outfit soldiers for the Confederate Army with money raised in California. Sheriff Adams was instrumental in the famous pursuit of Ingram’s Partisan Rangers, who robbed two stages in the mountains above Placerville. Adams trapped Captain Ingram and several of his band in a farmhouse near San Jose. The resulting gunfight would have proved fatal to Adams had a bullet not ricocheted off his pocket watch. He and El Dorado Undersheriff Jim Hume collaborated to capture the rest of the rebel outlaws.


Of course, Frank thinks he met my challenge and then goes on to say:

Or should I tell you how in a comment on your hate blog?

Up to you where you want to seem to be ridiculous, Frank, I really don’t care.

Pope Panzerfaust sucks cock

Just fulfilling a promise I made to someone.

And it’s Zython FTW

From a thread about the CFFF:

Don’t you see, Avenger? Frank doesn’t have to do “fact-checking” and “basic research” to prove his points. He’s too smug and arrogant to do things we “little people” would do to maintain intellectual credibility.

To which I replied, in true FrankDiSalle fashion:

Don’t you see, Avenger? Frank doesn’t have to do “fact-checking” and “basic research” to prove his points. He’s too smug and arrogant to do things we “little people” would do to maintain intellectual credibility.

To quote Don Rickles, “Hello, Dummy!”

Conservative thinking in a nutshell, by a conservative nut.

Here’s a little insult by First Mate Spunk of the Raging Queen:

Like I said – cunts
If the tampon fits – wear it.

Misogynist much, Frank, does it make you feel more masculine and manly when you use variations of “girly girls, that’s what you are”?

This is the kind of manly man you are, no doubt:

I ask only that whatever you do, please don’t put me in a tight-fitting Lassie costume and make me eat from a monogrammed dog dish