Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

In a comment thread at Oliver Willis I made the following challenge to Frank:

Now, here’s one for you: The town I was born in is west of the Mississippi River and it is also the location of the westernmost point of banditry in service of the Confederacy on the North American continent.

Where was I born?

To which he replied:

Major Sherod Hunter, an Arizona Confederate who had commanded the Confederate force which occupied Tucson in the Spring of 1862 and fought the westernmost battle of the war at Picacho Pass, April 15, 1862.


One of the organization’s main activities was to recruit and outfit soldiers for the Confederate Army with money raised in California. Sheriff Adams was instrumental in the famous pursuit of Ingram’s Partisan Rangers, who robbed two stages in the mountains above Placerville. Adams trapped Captain Ingram and several of his band in a farmhouse near San Jose. The resulting gunfight would have proved fatal to Adams had a bullet not ricocheted off his pocket watch. He and El Dorado Undersheriff Jim Hume collaborated to capture the rest of the rebel outlaws.


Of course, Frank thinks he met my challenge and then goes on to say:

Or should I tell you how in a comment on your hate blog?

Up to you where you want to seem to be ridiculous, Frank, I really don’t care.

Comments on: "Frank apparently can’t read English" (2)

  1. Frank DiSalle said:

    The word banditry is not even contained in the website, nor is your clue of any use in the search.
    I might as well ask you what my uncle’s last name; it’s the same as a famous swimmer.

    Try and find that one…

    But I’ll make it easy for you…

    Duplicate your search for me to prove that anyone could find the answer without knowing it in advance …

    • As to your first point:

      I didn’t expect you to find that particular website and quote it back at me, I expected you to use the information in my question to look for a possible answer.

      A ‘battle’ has little to do with ‘banditry’ aside from the shared status of both being organized groups of violent men.

      If I had wanted to mislead you I could’ve said ‘armed conflict’,
      ‘incident’, ‘attack’, or a whole host of synonyms that would have been far more misleading than what I did write, but you did meet my minimum expectation in that you didn’t mention Quantrill’s Raiders.

      I proposed letting a third party judge our efforts, Frank, but you would have none of it.

      So I must turn down your kind challenge.

      Oh, and you were right about this one thing you said at Oliver’s place:

      Or should I tell you how in a comment on your hate blog

      The reason this is a hate blog is because it’s about you Frank.

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