Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

The latest missive from our mature Catholic correspondent:

You did a crappy search, and did not find the answers you were challenged to find, period. You could have found the city I lived in on search one, and the communities on search two, and if you didn’t know where they were, search three would have told you that White Plains, Harlem and Long Island were all within 20 miles of New Rochelle.

Now, direct me through your search, as if you have no knowledge of the outcome.

You are a fraud, a phony , and a fake, and like every other liberal Democrat, you can only win in one of two ways: Pretending you won, when you didn’t; or cheating.

You can’t use Google, so you cheated.

As I told him in the comments, he’s free to tell his Google expert all the details and I’ll abide by whatever she decides, for either he or I as the winner.

Holding anger and resentment to one’s bosom isn’t the way to mental or physical health, I just hope that Frank doesn’t have a heart attack over it.

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