Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Here’s what a commentator had to say about Frank and how he ‘served’ his country:

Frank DiSalle says:
October 2, 2009 at 9:28 am
DKel : I don’t blame anyone else for my actions . My response to Army discipline was to break a lot of rules, and get stripes removed. I don’t “blame” the Army for that.

That wasn’t either thing that I dreamed up, Frank. It is what you posted. Breaking rules in the military usually falls under a few broad categories.

Substance Abuse
Civil/military Criminal Behavior

Not sure which one, or if any of these apply to your heralded four years of duty. But what I do know, is that your country fielded an Army of conscripts in your day, which tells me that there was a determined need for your cooperation and contribution. You chose not to cooperate to the extent that you exited service at the lowest rank after four years. And I am not a patriot because I voted for a Democrat. Outstanding judgment on your part. I am sure you are going to pick one minute portion of this to feign outrage at, but I am used to the deflection deal…I have read a few Article 15’s to undisciplined Soldiers before….


Comments on: "No discipline as well as no brains" (2)

  1. Sean D. Martin said:

    Not surprisingly, Frank is able to both claim liberals and patriotism are like oil and water, and then defend this view by bragging that his own time in the army was spent “breaking rules“.

    Justifying this incredible lack of patriotism on his part with “No one has to tell a conservative about freedom from interference by authority figures.”

    So burn your draft card or protest against a war = being liberal and (by definition) unpatriotic.
    But join the army and then refuse to serve honorably so that you keep getting busted back down to private = admirable conservatism and high patriotism.

    Glad we’ve got Frank to clarify that for us.

    • Yes, and when Oliver made his feelings known about Frank, this was his response:

      The part where it is any of your fucking business if I go or stay. If you don’t like my fucking comments, don’t fucking read them!
      I usually avoid obscenity, unless dreadfully provoked, but I wanted to be sure I spoke in a language you would understand.

      Of course, what Frank doesn’t understand is that he’s acting like a Socialist by disrespecting the wishes of the owner of the site, but then, consistency was never a matter of great concern when he’s having a hissy fit.

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