Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Dennis the Pseudo Menace, another commentator at Oliver Willis blog used one of his favorite words, like a naughty 5-year old who has just learned the word butt:

Maybe you could post something on your psychotic blog.

Well, because the subject is psychotic(or is it psychotic to post real quotes made by a psychotic, as can be found at my header of my blog?) perhaps you could demonstrate an ability to create a blog, psychotic or not, as you please.

If you’re reading this, Dennis, could you explain why you defend someone who is quite capable of defending themselves, despite years of soaking their liver and frontal lobes of their brain in ethanol ?

Also, did it take more than two cereal box tops to get the expertise in psychological terms you demonstrate on a regular basis?

I’d tell you to calm down and have a drink to settle your nerves, but in your case, make it 50mg of reserpine.

Comments on: "Frank’s rentboy to the rescue!" (1)

  1. this is becoming my favorite blog

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