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Make sure brain is in gear before utilizing fingers.

Frank left this little gem in Olivers’ post about Keith Olbermann’s special comment last night:

Ooops! — didn’t mean to point a finger at the real culprits…

As usual, Olbermann is full of crap.

“We are appalled by her actions” said the head of the NAACP. “She mistreated a white farmer in need of assistance because of his race.” Benjamin Jealous didn’t first look at the whole videotape, didn’t first ask the farmer if, as proved true, Ms. Sherrod had saved his farm.

As usual, Frank didn’t bother to familiarize himself with the subject at hand, leaving him

full of crap.

Frank’s kemosabe

Well, Dennis the Menace is up to his old tricks again, thinking that his hours of AA meetings allow him to pronounce sentence on who has or hasn’t any psychological stability:

Don’t need to be Sigmund Freud to know when someone is going off the deep end, DA.

I would suggest anyone wanting to disturb Carl Jung aka Dennis should post in the immediate hours after midnight on Olivers’ blog, then the fun begins!

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