Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

I have thrown down the gauntlet to Mr. DeSalle, and as my Texas grandmother used to say, “We’ll see” if he rises to the challenge:

I’m not done testing your Googling skills yet, so don’t all cocky and careless.

I saw this photo on a taco truck here in town, with no hint of where the picture was taken, or what the structure is called.


Using Google without googling the photo itself or the site it came from, tell me:

A: The country this structure is in.

B: The name of this structure.
C: Anything special about this structure besides the unusual location it’s in.

If you can meet that challenge, you’ll have earned your meagre 35$, but I’m betting that someone else can do that before you do, so here’s my e-mail address: Raybelln(at)aim(dot)com.

If you can get it before 9:00 PM PDT tonight and yours is the only correct answer, you get it, but you have to post the answers here for all to see your triumph. To the victor goes the spoils, after all

If anyone else gets it, they don’t post it here, but must send me the answers and then I’ll reveal after the deadline, who, if any:

Answered first and/or answered correctly.

If someone gets it before you do, you only get 17.50 and a crate of navel oranges from the local packing house, so as to keep you and yours from the ravages of scurvy during the holiday season.


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