Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Well, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar and his bumbling associate, Ginger, are back at it again.

DA the Homophobe, another moron with no kids pretending he’d be a better parent than Palin….. if only given the chance without the whole, you know, parenting thing, the years and years of caring for them, paying for them, worrying about them, sacrificing for them. Thanks for your wisdom, DA. It’s much appreciated. You embody the best in what liberalism was meant to be.

Just as your constant stalking of commentators and diagnosis of the ills of other commentators befits your status as the conservative leader of VA, Dennis.

Google Search oliver willis psycho Dennis

No, but he is pro-abortion, as are all liberals – unless you’ve heard of a liberal that isn’t. And he’s an objectivist, which is like a misanthropic libertarian, hardly what you would call the essence of conservatism.

You’ve never heard of Feminists for Life?

What’s misanthropic about putting money ahead of people? That’s the capitalist system at it’s very best, Frank. We do better as a country when we don’t spend money on foolish regulations and rules that hamper the ability of a stockholder to earn a maximum return on his/her investment.

I thought you knew that already, Frank, only commies and other human trash believe that people should come before profits.

Conservatives, OTOH, think the state has a right to tell women what to do with their bodies, which of course is how conservatives promote freedom and liberty, unlike coercive, collectivist liberals.


That Mitchell and Webb Look

Frank DiSalle and Dennis the Stalker after a night out on the town.

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