Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

You know, I’ve been accused of all sorts of things by Mr. DiSalle and his aide-de-camp, Dennis, that I’m going to hold a contest, by just posting a series of images along side a quote from Mr. DiSalle, and invite all comers near or far, to select one of these images to demonstrate the old Sianic aphorism, “One picture is worth ten thousand characters.”

First, the quote, and link to it:

1920 to 1933 Prohibition was as Constitutional as Constitutional could be.
So, it was constitutional; now, it isn’t. See?

From It’s the Constitution, Stupid

and the choices are:

Tomorrow I’ll post the random prizes I’ve chosen for this contest, and explain the rules as well.

Later, taters.

Comments on: "New Contest! Win Free Valuble Prizes" (2)

  1. I think my vote for #3 should carry more weight, as I was the author of the comment Frank responded to.

  2. OF, if #3 wins, so do you. If it gets first place, you get the Valencia Oranges!

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