Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Here’s the rules.

I’ll keep the post on the page for a week, and you folks vote.

The second part is, the first person to e-mail me the winner of the vote gets loverly California Valencia Oranges grown in my backyard.

The second person gets loverly California lemons, grown in my backyard.

You can see where I’m going with this.

Oh, and it’s Zython FTW today at Ollies’ place:

Why would you say they’re not governed by probability, then cite an example of how probability works?

What did Mrs. Schrodinger ask her husband?

Erwin, was zum Teufel hast du mit der Katze? Das arme Ding sieht halbtot!

“Erwin, what the Devil did you do to the cat? The poor thing looks half-dead!”

This one's for you

More details later.

Say something interesting this time around

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