Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Mr. DiSalle has again demonstrated what happens when the milk of human kindness goes sour:


Frank, I hope you’re happy with the lack of dignity and sheer inhumanity you show with your response to Steve Job leaving as CEO of Apple.

Have you no shame, have you no decency, Mr. DiSalle?

I hope you never have to experience the fear and dread of being told you have a tumor, or that “it’s too late for chemo” a few months down the road.

You can see for yourself here.

Comments on: "“Have you no decency, sir?”" (5)

  1. Refro Swoop said:

    I’m still a dimwitted asshole and a lame ass punk !!!

  2. And you’re an impotent dry drunk who can’t put together a caboose, let alone a train, of rational thought, Renfro Swope(snicker, snicker).

    Blow it out your asshole, Frank.

  3. Yep, Christ forbid that I don’t make a grammatical error when detailing what a black heart someone has towards someone with possibly incurable cancer.

    Fixed that for you, Mr. F.

    Just like ‘hypocracy’ isn’t a word

    Fixed that too.

    Did you know misspeller isn’t a word?:

    Word not found in the Dictionary and Encyclopedia. Did you mean:


    Don’t be that hard on yourself, Frank, I would just say your errors in this instance are moronic, barely on the level of being idiotic.

  4. I’m Dennis the lame stalker, who loves to pretend that Frank DiSalle is a decent human being.

    • Sorry, boychick, (or should I call you Dennis) but you’ve hardly found where I live, I live up the street at what Google maps locates as 176 N Sierra St, on the north side of Oak St.

      But thanks for demonstrating why conservative thinking is an oxymoron, stalker Dennis from Richmond, VA.

      Still too cowardly to leave a real e-mail addy, eh?

      Thanks for leaving your ISP addy.

      I’ll probably use it the next time you become more than annoying here. I’ve heard that Verizon is very quick to cut off service to customers who stalk people, Dennis.

      And, as always, Frank DiSalle is still a dummy.

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