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Do you know how to read, old man?

Frank DiSalle has again sought to redefine the word clueless:

Do you have any evidence that the reason these people got measles was because they, or their parents, believed there was a connection between autism and vaccine? Is anyone investigating the possibility that the vaccine was ineffective, either because of some defect in its manufacture, or some modern change in certain people’s physiology?

Yes, because these are all strong possibilities after the same vaccine has been used for fucking decades, idiot.

And WTF is an anti-vaxxer?

Someone who doesn’t like vax, obviously.

Thought for the Day

The eagle never lost as much time as when he submitted to learn from the crow.

William Blake(1757-1827)



Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Porterville encourages you to dispose of household hazardous waste responsibly.

Open the 3rd Saturday of every Month at at the City of Porterville Corp. Yard (555 N. Prospect Street) collections of the following items will occur from 8 am to 12 pm:

Used motor oil & oil filters
Automotive Batteries
Latex paints
Household batteries
Fluorescent lamps

For more information, call (559) 782-7514


Utility Rates & Information

Information for Water, Sewer and Refuse Services

To be billed the 1~ 2~ 3~ 4~ week of the month.

The following are the current 30 day rates that are used to calculate your bill.
Water: Flat Rate $29.93
Metered $5.00 minimum, plus 72 cents per unit of water.
(1 unit of Water 100 Cubic feet or, approximately 748 gallons.)

Utility Users Tax –
6% based on the dollar amount of the billing for water (Inside City Limits)
Residential Multiple Units Commercial
Sewer: $26.87 $25.52 per unit *Varies depending on
type of service
Refuse: $17.85 * *Varies depending on container size and
number of pickups.

NOTE: Your first bill is prorated, from the service start date through the first reading date for metered water. The charges may be more or less than the regular 30 day rates depending on the number of service days.

Refuse Pickup Schedule

Please refer to the map below to determine your collection zone. Click here to download the map and collection schedule.

Collection Zones have been established using Highway 65 as the primary dividing line.

Zone 1 Collection Days –

Blue Can (recycling) – Monday
Green Can (yardwaste) – Tuesday
Black Can (garbage) – Thursday

Zone 2 Collection Days –

Green Can (yardwaste) – Tuesday
Blue Can (recycling) – Wednesday
Black Can (garbage) – Thursday

Zone 3 Collection Days –

Blue Can (recycling) – Tuesday
Green Can (yardwaste) – Wednesday
Black Can (garbage) – Friday

Zone 4 Collection Days –

Blue Can (recycling) – Monday
Green Can (yardwaste) – Wednesday
Black Can (garbage) – Friday


If you have any questions or need clarification of your Collection Zone,
contact the Refuse Division at 782-7513
GREEN Leaves, lawn clippings, small tree trimmings, miscellaneous garden waste, NO PLASTIC BAGS
BLUE Recyclable aluminum cans, plastic, paper, etc.
BLACK Household trash, food waste, plastic bags, etc.

The City of Porterville is pleased to offer our Blue Can recycling program. Please click here to learn more!

Waste NOT ALLOWED: Dirt, sod, rock, concrete, large appliances, furniture, hot ashes, flammable materials, oil, gasoline, paint, construction debris.


Place container at curb by 6:00 AM on the scheduled collection day. If you have a driveway, place the container near the comer of the driveway behind the curb. The container must be at least two feet from any obstructions, such as a fence or mailbox, and must be one foot from any other container. Cars must be parked at least three feet from container. Please take extra caution not to block mailboxes and meter boxes.


To dispose of Household Hazardous Waste responsibly, please come to our Waste Collection Center!

To Start Utility Services:

New residents may fill out a Water Turn On/Off Request Form, sign & return to City Hall, located at 291 N. Main Street.

Water service requests received prior to 4:00 pm can be turned on the same day.

All fees must be paid when establishing services. We accept checks, cash or money orders.

Owners: You will be required to show a picture ID, provide proof of ownership (Escrow documents, tax bill, etc.) and a $10.00 Service Installation Fee.

Renters: You will be required to show a picture ID, provide a signed rental or lease agreement, pay a $10.00 Service Installation Fee and a $20.00 refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the account after one year of service without penalties or to the final closing bill.

To Stop Utility Services:

A signature is required to discontinue services per City Code Sec. 25-23. You may come to City Hall to accomplish this or mail or fax a written and signed request. You can also use theWater Turn On/Off Request Form to discontinue services. The Utility Division fax number is 559-784-4569.

I used to live next door to a compulsive asshole who would not let a half-hour go by between the time his garbage was collected and he’d loudly bring the can back from the curbside to his backyard.

I didn’t think about him for a long time until today.

Funny how memory works like that.

Dennis the Stalker and his discontents

The following was left in a comment to the previous post:

You see Francis, it’s not that you live in the kind of neighborhood that allows residents to leave their trash cans out in the driveway seven days a week.

Really, you can tell all that from one photo taken one day a few years ago?

Can you tell me what card I’m thinking of right now?

It’s not that your two cars combined are worth less than the price of a decent touring bike and you have no excuses like kids with bills to pay and college to save for.

Gosh, you think I own two cars.


Maybe we’re using the money in a constructive way that you have yet to learn about.

Maybe, in America, as long as I pay my taxes and don’t bother my neighbors, I should be able to live as I please.

It’s not that you don’t have either the stones or the drive to get up off the couch and tell your wife you’ve had it with the dump of a neighborhood you live in and ‘c’mon, we’re moving, let’s go look at nicer neighborhoods’. Or that you don’t walk across the street to tell your neighbor to please put his plastic chairs inside because you expect company to come over, because you know he will either a)punch your lights out, or b) laugh at you uncontrollable, or c) wrap poison in some turkey and throw it in your back yard for your dogs to eat. Or more likely all three

I just looked up and down the street, and I didn’t see any chairs as your perusal of my neighborhood would suggest, so I would respectfully submit that your concern is touching but out of date.

Nor is it that you allow your breadwinner wife to get up every morning and go to work to support you while you just accept the condition you’re in, in a town with 16% unemployment and housing prices that have dropped over 60% in the last 3 years, and figure you can get by fine doing a few tax returns on the side to make it look you’re contributing, too.

What I like about you, Dennis, is the fact that you think you can get under my skin when you really have no version of reality that I am in other than that you’ve picked up from talking to me once, my comments here and there, and some information that you’ve paid good money to get from a few public records.

I hope you get your money’s worth.

Tell me my landline number, Dennis, it’s listed under a version of my name because I bought this place 5 years before 9/11.

It’s risible that you don’t have the guts to call me up and tell me these faults of mine person to person on my cell phone. Chicken much, Dennis?

None of that is really so out of the ordinary as to be worthy of denigration in and of itself. No, what’s so pathetic and so typical of people like you is that you just that you allow you and your wife to live like that while at the same time you run other people down for the same things.

It’s like a fat old lady sitting in her trailer home watching tv and belittling someone on a reality show for living in a trailer park.

Says Dennis the coward.

Do your daughters know about your obsession with me, Dennis, would you want them to know?

Thanks for the laughs.

When I weary of your buffoonery, I’ll delete all your comments and all your carefully crafted ramblings will have been for naught.

OTOH I may revise this post to include your street address. Do you really want me to do that, Dennis?


Oh, and does this ring a bell, Quasimodo?



Zipcode 23220?

Go take a dive into Swan Lake.