Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Enlightened Liberal FTW

Can you dispute the fact that Gibson has been raided twice during the Obama administration, but never before?

Can you dispute that the clause they violated was passed only in 2008, so likely there was no chance to violate it before?

Can you dispute that they did not contribute to Democrats?

Yes. Yes, I can.

But Juszkiewicz does not appear to be a major Republican donor. In fact, his most recent contribution was $2,000 to Democratic Congressman Bob Cooper, according to FEC records. His donations for the 2008 presidential election were limited to Mike Huckabee’s primary campaign.

And this blind allegiance to Fox News talking points is why Frank Disalle is a dummy.

Comments on: "Enlightened Liberal FTW" (3)

  1. Frank Desalle was on SNL

  2. fd10801 said:

    Hey, I’m a real dumb asshole!

    How can I help this stellar blog of yours now that it looks like Oliver’s blog isn’t shutting down?

    I guess you could always escalate from cherry picking my disgusting comments and quoting me correctly to do what I do at Ollies—- making things up – not that I do a good job of it in the first place.

    BTW, Nelson thanks for crushing my ego like an eggshell that’s been slammed with a sledgehammer.

  3. fd10801 said:

    Dark Avenger calls me a coward, yet even his Profile here reveals absolutely nothing about him, so no one knows who he is.(That’s right, Renfro, I could be living next door to you for all you know, or paying that nice old lady across the street to keep tabs on you.)

    If you read my blog carefully, there are clues about me that aren’t in my Profile, but that would take more diligence than the Google King of Southeastern New York State could muster in my case, apparently

    Dark Avenger claims he “only quotes me”, but then he edits my comments so that they say things I couldn’t possibly have meant.

    Which is why I always provide a link to the thread I quote you from, like the comment you left about Steve Jobs, a link to an article in one word, “Quitter!”

    Mr. DiSalle has again demonstrated what happens when the milk of human kindness goes sour:


    Frank, I hope you’re happy with the lack of dignity and sheer inhumanity you show with your response to Steve Job leaving as CEO of Apple.

    Have you no shame, have you no decency, Mr. DiSalle?

    I hope you never have to experience the fear and dread of being told you have a tumor, or that “it’s too late for chemo” a few months down the road.

    Dark Avenger, whether he knows it or not, is indeed guilty of both slander of libel, because I am not a public figure, he posts untrue statements about, and they are obviously designed to defame and hurt me.

    I have documented every comment from the post you’ve made in a given thread at Ollies’ site.. Truth is a perfect defense against lible and slander in America, Renfro.

    There are three main reasons why I have not sued him: One, he has an audience of less than a dozen – humiliation (for him) enough; two, I would not consider the effort and expense of locating him to bring litigation against him to be worthwhile; and three, judging by the public expression of his limited intelligence, and lack of morals, ethics or integrity, I doubt seriously he has sufficient assets for me to profit from a lawsuit , even if I were to overcome the initial investigative and jurisdictional difficulties.

    NOTE: This comment is posted under my real name , and will be posted at Oliver’s website.

    Who cares?

    C’mon, you’re more of a Renfro than a Frank, and you haven’t explained why you felt to post under that name in the first place, whilst giving tacit acknowledgement to what you did in the first place.

    That’s not very smart, Frank. But typical of your so-called ‘intelligence’ at once.

    If you alter this comment , as you have done so many others in the past. I will re-post it here , and there, each time you do.

    Promises, promises.

    Here’s hoping every person you meet for the rest of your life, treats you as you have treated me.

    If you get any bitchier on this site, Frank, Richard Simmons will probably show up and tell you to tone it down(as seen on The Daily Show).

    And here’s hoping that you get a hot new wife, that you get cured of your numerous ailments brought on by years of drinking like a fish, and that you are able to do something positive for the rest of your life so that people wouldn’t remember you as an old, enfeebled, miserable hunk of human flesh.

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