Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

From Olivers” latest post, from His Foulness FDS:

Not just me. Him, too:

“To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson

Which, of course, is an argument in favor of those boycotting Rush’s radio stations and advertisers, they don’t want their money to go to a bloated gas bag, to argue otherwise is to be in favor of tyranny, according to Thomas Jefferson and his new friend, Renfro Swoop.

Don’t you ever tire of playing the fool on Ollies’ site and here, Frank?

Don’t answer if you can’t control your foul mouth here, Frank, if you can keep your comment PG rated I might just let it stand this time.

Comments on: "Dry Drunk yells at clouds again." (1)

  1. I don’t need to swear to demonstrate what an ignoramus you are , it merely demonstrates my own poverty of imagination.

    The operative word in Thomas Jefferson’s statement is “forced”. No one is forced to pay one dime to either hear, or quote, Rush Limbaugh. He can stay on the air, take a vacation, change stations, and basically do whatever he wants, and it doesn’t HAVE TO cost anyone a dime.

    It took me two hours to type the above, so please bear with me.

    (Exactly, Frank, and nobody has to support any of Limbaughs’ advertisers, if they don’t like the fact that said advertisers support a fascist toad, they can organize a boycott and as the saying goes in a capitalist society, ‘vote with their wallets’.–ed)

    Using government funds to pay for things that people are opposed to is using money that has been forcibly collected to pay for things to which people are morally opposed.

    That took me one hour, folks, the hangover is finally beginning to recede.

    (So, Frank, you’re fine with people who withhold their taxes from the government because they believe either too many people overseas are being blown up paid for by their taxes?

    A man condemning the income tax because of the annoyance it gives him or the expense it puts him to is merely a dog baring its teeth, and he forfeits the privileges of civilized discourse. But it is possible to criticize it on other and impersonal grounds. A government, like an individual, spends money for any or all of three reasons: because it needs to, because it wants to, or simply because it has it to spend. The last is much the shabbiest. It is arguable, if not manifest, that a substantial portion of the great spring flood of billions pouring into the Treasury will in effect get spent for the last shabby reason. Rex Stout

      And Be A Villain


    If you don’t see the difference, that’s too bad.

    10 minutes folks, I’ll finish up soon.

    Other sentient beings can and do, except for people who have drunk their health and brains away, like me.

    But, then again, you’re the ONLY person I have ever heard of who has gone to the trouble of creating a weblog to insult someone he doesn’t know, has never met, and has never spoken to.

    Just as I’m the ONLY person who has ever bitched about moderation on a blog that I don’t own and have no control over whatsoever, as with this blog and Oliver Willis’s blog, where you can read me crying about being moderated on this thread here.

    And, I am a private citizen, so , if I thought you had any money, I could sue you for defamation of character, and take it all from you.

    (You have to have a character to be defamed in the first place, Frank. You yourself admitted on Oliver’s blog that you were a fuck-up when you were in the Army, and that you have problems with authority. By the time a good attorney was finished with what you’ve posted here and at Oliver’s blog, the real question would be why you’re not suing yourself instead of me.–ED)

    Were I as petty as you, I would file a complaint with WordPress…

    (Just like you threatened to report me if I sent an unsolicited e-mail to you, so I reported you to Yahoo for sending me an unsolicited e-mail?. Thanks for reminding me about it, did they ever contact you about it?-ed)

    This is my brain on Fox News.

    Any questions?

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