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mambochicken23 tells the truth about Frank

From the latest thread at Ollies’ place:


I referred to human prehistory and history … We are not even close to extinct.

This is just so dumb, Frank. Let’s wait a while and see what happens.

a) Correlation is not cause and effect, right?

Not necessarily, though it indicates a relationship between variables. This relationship is potentially causal. And you should realize that scientists know the distinction between causation and correlation and are not categorically stupid enough to conflate the two. Their predictions and their analysis goes beyond simple correlational data.

b) There is absolutely no connection between mass extinctions of non – human species, not to mention pre-human species and human caused climate change, right?

What is your point? That because anthropogenic climate change has never triggered mass extinctions in the past, it cannot do so now? What the hell are you talking about?

c) Obviously, there were no mass extinctions among any of our hominid ancestors, right?

What is your point?

So I repeat, “why did you leap to dinosaurs and mass extinctions? I referred to human prehistory and history … We are not even close to extinct.”

Again, this is so stupid as to hurt. Do you know how long humans have been on the planet? In the neighborhood of 3% of the time that the dinosaurs were on the planet in total. We are not close to extinct at the moment. But one day we certainly will be. It is inevitable. And doing things that fuck up the life raft that we are all desperately clinging to is just a really stupid, shortsighted, selfish thing to do.

If you want a fuck-up expert, Frank DiSalle is your man.




I have a very small brain, and I’m smarter than Frank DiSalle.