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Frank DiSalle, WATB

Well, folks, Frank is whining again. Here is his latest complaint:

I’ve also noticed that my comments that you edited to falsify them are nowhere to be found. You removed them so you could say you never lied.

Well, Frank, I guess you’re not as good at using Google as you boast, or you’d find the Google cache of my website and demonstrate that I falsified your comments.

You’re not smarter than I am . You never were smarter than I am. You never will be smarter than I am .

Then why are you wasting time with someone who is a dummy compared to you?

You cut and paste because you can’t construct original thought ; you can’t analyze and synthesize. You are trying desperately to convince someone , anyone, that you are not a worthless piece of crap, and you think that the way to do it is to prove that you’re better than me.

No, Frank, I KNOW I’m better than you.

Bad strategy on two counts: One, you at least have to get a start on convincing yourself you’re a good person before you can persuade anyone else.

I didn’t call Steve Jobs a quitter like you did, Frank.
You were a fuck-up in the military by your own admission, you were a fuck-up in civil life with a divorce and children who want nothing to do with you, and you’ll be a fuck-up until the day you die.

Second, picking me as your target was a huge tactical error. I am always thinking at least 10 steps ahead of you. I am better educated than you are. I am more knowledgeable about more subjects than you are. I think faster and more clearly than you do. I can analyze and synthesize faster and better than you.
If I were a racehorse, you’d be a mule.
Acceptance is the key … Let it go.

You couldn’t even come up with a caboose, let alone a real train of thought, Frank.

I take pictures almost every day that you couldn’t duplicate if you had the help of Ansel Adams, George Lucas, and Christ and the Twelve Apostles.

God, you’re such a moron.

As Oliver asked:

“Frank, why must you be dumb?”

Quote of the day

From Ollies’ place, in the archives from last year:

Frank, you are just the worst kind of idiot. My god, what has happened to your brain to make you this fucking clueless?

Sunset 07/12/2012

Poor Frank

Well, folks, Frank has been at it again:

BTW, that’s not the first homoerotic reference you have made about me – are we getting an insight into your motivation?

You wouldn’t know an insight if it came up to you and bit you in the hand, Frank.


Another end of the day


The end of the day

A November Reminder

Renfro Swoop strikes again

Here’s Franks’ latest attack on me:

It is as unique as it is macabre. It is the stuff out of which movies like The Fan, or Gaslight, or Fatal Attraction are made: twisted excursions into the recesses of a warped and twisted mind. You are Daily Banter’s Norman Bates …

You’re a little overwrought, Frank. If you don’t want me to post the stupid things you say, then don’t post stupid things.

You really aren’t very bright, are you?