Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Frank DiSalle, WATB

Well, folks, Frank is whining again. Here is his latest complaint:

I’ve also noticed that my comments that you edited to falsify them are nowhere to be found. You removed them so you could say you never lied.

Well, Frank, I guess you’re not as good at using Google as you boast, or you’d find the Google cache of my website and demonstrate that I falsified your comments.

You’re not smarter than I am . You never were smarter than I am. You never will be smarter than I am .

Then why are you wasting time with someone who is a dummy compared to you?

You cut and paste because you can’t construct original thought ; you can’t analyze and synthesize. You are trying desperately to convince someone , anyone, that you are not a worthless piece of crap, and you think that the way to do it is to prove that you’re better than me.

No, Frank, I KNOW I’m better than you.

Bad strategy on two counts: One, you at least have to get a start on convincing yourself you’re a good person before you can persuade anyone else.

I didn’t call Steve Jobs a quitter like you did, Frank.
You were a fuck-up in the military by your own admission, you were a fuck-up in civil life with a divorce and children who want nothing to do with you, and you’ll be a fuck-up until the day you die.

Second, picking me as your target was a huge tactical error. I am always thinking at least 10 steps ahead of you. I am better educated than you are. I am more knowledgeable about more subjects than you are. I think faster and more clearly than you do. I can analyze and synthesize faster and better than you.
If I were a racehorse, you’d be a mule.
Acceptance is the key … Let it go.

You couldn’t even come up with a caboose, let alone a real train of thought, Frank.

I take pictures almost every day that you couldn’t duplicate if you had the help of Ansel Adams, George Lucas, and Christ and the Twelve Apostles.

God, you’re such a moron.

As Oliver asked:

“Frank, why must you be dumb?”

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