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Dennis in a nutshell

You? The sad little bitch who can’t stop complaining about somebody else’s blog 10-15 times a day, but lacks the brains and/or the balls to actually start his own? (Not that anyone but your boyfriend Frank would read it but still.)

Of the steaming volcano of idiocy that is your intellect, I think my favorite moments are those when you tell people that they “have no life.”

If I spent the last year spending 4-10 hours a day trolling FreeRepublic, then you might begin to have a point little Dennis.

But please, continue dancing for our collective amusement. Schmidt. DOW 11,000. Etc.

Dance, Dennis, Dance.

My latest comment about Frank

Frank DiSalle gives a new meaning to the word ignorant in this thread. Indeed, at his present rate of errors and stupidity, his ignorance will be visible from the inner Solar System by the time the November elections roll around.


Sucks to be you.

Study in lighting

And it makes me feel sorry for you being banished to this Siberian outpost of Oliver’s… up here in no man’s land trying to be part of a conversation. Probably best for you, but still.

Yes, getting banned from Sadly, No! was the height of your glory, Dennis S., and here you are stuck in the AAA league with all of the liberal lozers.



Sad, Sad Dennis - Demotivational Poster

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