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I’m so funny, you’ll forget to laugh

D-KW (Actually Dennis, being a butthurt fool)said,

July 31, 2013 at 13:13

Just because I live in Canada doesn’t mean I’m not an expert on helping open up the national conversation on race. We’re people too, and gosh darn it, we like ourselves.

Alan Keyes is why Detroit is bankrupt. I know because I’ve been there before.

The Dark God of Time, AKA DA said,

July 31, 2013 at 13:16

Thanks, hoser, we can take it from here, eh.

Todays’ FTW

St. The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge said,

July 27, 2013 at 18:05

Nobody here cares about your feud with DA, you malignant pustule. Nobody believes your stories about whatever imaginary sins you think he’s committed (which you could link to if they actually occurred, but you know damn well they didn’t). He was an occasional commenter here, and nobody has anything against him. You, on the other hand, have been a fucking plague for years and years. Your florid personality disorder needs professional treatment, probably in an institutional setting.

If you don’t like DA, start your own blog and ban him from it. Trying to close down some third-party blog because he also happens to comment on it occasionally really shows the right-wing bully stereotype to perfect advantage. The racist and homophobic bilge you spew under your sockpuppet nyms (while being so holier-than-thou under your “Dennis” nym) would get you banned from any other blog, but this one has always tried to retain an openness that a sociopath like you is happy to take advantage of. You’ll notice anybody trying to post any contrary opinions on any righty blogs will be banned immediately, while being buried under an avalanche of abuse. See the difference between sane people (us) and right-wing socipaths (you). It’s clear as day.

Let me reemphasize that nobody here cares what sins you think DA has committed. Nobody believes you to begin with, and undoubtedly they wouldn’t be particularly objectionable anywhere but in the wingnut-butthurt-o-verse, where the tiniest contradiction constitutes a crime against humanity. Go the fuck away, you toad!



Todays’ FTW

SammichStudiez said,

July 18, 2013 at 17:45

Just a little point for Dennis, as well as our decades-long returning Troof-fully disturbed individual; I know you want to believe that when your posts get censored, it will look like you’ve created havoc here, but the reality is, because you’re posting so obsessively throughout the day and night, usually one or two of your institutionalised rantings will not yet have been deleted, so people get to see what you’re both really like. Even if the people you are attacking are themselves freaks of the worst kind, your own behaviour and posting is so violently out of the normal you discredit yourselves beyond the point of being able to influence anyone’s thoughts.

And secondly, neither of you understand basic human interactions, do you? Because you see, people will automatically take the word of someone within their in-group, or who they feel has more social respect or status when they are seeking opinions… in this case, you’re on a liberal blog so they’ll automatically believe that, even where you and someone here are both equally mentally damaged, because the people you attack are liberals, they are still a tiny bit better a person than you. You end up reinforcing their beliefs, not damaging them, because they come to see being liberal as a saving grace.

When you have nothing beautiful, nothing wise, nothing decent to say… people will always feel better about someone who at least tells them they they agree with you. For all your antics, you can’t even manage to give that. So I pity you.

Lets’ see what’s gonna happen.


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Various Sunsets and other Things.

Land_1Oppressive 2WaspView_02_02_2012

June Sunset

June Sunset


And it’s Mooser FTW

PetrushkaA masterful summation of DGTBM

But I can’t help thinking Dennis got the brain that Igor picked by mistake.

Ya think?

A black hole of butthurt.

Yet Another Sunset

Yet Another Sunset

Here is Dennis Gene demonstrating how to be a butthurt troll:

It’s Becky, not Betsy, and she has her own website, Provider.

Like anyone believes you’re not Becky, Dennis.

And if you think I’m pretending to be a Jewish trans woman complete with videos of myself on my own blog that I link to here, you are not very bright.

But yet here I am again to haunt the post of someone I don’t consider very bright.

Yah know what, Dennis Gene/Becky, you don’t find many libruls haunting the comment threads of conservatives they don’t consider very bright.

And I’m no racist. This in no way is meant to prove anything, but when I went to school there I volunteered with Monroe Cty Big Bros/Big Sisters and had two African American little brothers, who were paired with me mainly because of our shared passion for hoops. Tried to look them up when I was there a few weeks ago.

Yes, folks, it’s the “athletics transcend race in America card”, the slightly better version of Paula’s “I’ve got a black friend.”

And you, sir, are better than being assigned to clean up here, and you most definitely were. I can understand your excitement, but don’t let it blind you to the reality of the situation.

If you weren’t polluting the blog, Dennis, maybe he wouldn’t be tasked with so demeaning a task{sarcasm tag}