Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Yet Another Sunset

Yet Another Sunset

Here is Dennis Gene demonstrating how to be a butthurt troll:

It’s Becky, not Betsy, and she has her own website, Provider.

Like anyone believes you’re not Becky, Dennis.

And if you think I’m pretending to be a Jewish trans woman complete with videos of myself on my own blog that I link to here, you are not very bright.

But yet here I am again to haunt the post of someone I don’t consider very bright.

Yah know what, Dennis Gene/Becky, you don’t find many libruls haunting the comment threads of conservatives they don’t consider very bright.

And I’m no racist. This in no way is meant to prove anything, but when I went to school there I volunteered with Monroe Cty Big Bros/Big Sisters and had two African American little brothers, who were paired with me mainly because of our shared passion for hoops. Tried to look them up when I was there a few weeks ago.

Yes, folks, it’s the “athletics transcend race in America card”, the slightly better version of Paula’s “I’ve got a black friend.”

And you, sir, are better than being assigned to clean up here, and you most definitely were. I can understand your excitement, but don’t let it blind you to the reality of the situation.

If you weren’t polluting the blog, Dennis, maybe he wouldn’t be tasked with so demeaning a task{sarcasm tag}

Comments on: "A black hole of butthurt." (2)

  1. OY it’s so fucking humid. Fuck me. FUCK MY WIFE WITH A RUBBER KNIFE

  2. Thomas Dufner is a fucking queer douche bag. How’s that ugly smelly snatch Kristen Dufner? Well, her Facebook page is right here, along with her praise for her “goofball” husband.

    Uh, Kristen, today we’d just say that he’s strung out on barbiturates. Try and keep up, mmmmmmmmkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

    Oh, and here’s Toms’ info from the reverse ISP lookup:

    server location:
    Hackettstown in United States
    Comcast Cable

    This IP address resolves to

    Be a shame if someone messaged the above to your wife on Facebook, Tom. How would you like to have to explain that you’re just being a goofball again?

    Thanks for demonstrating what a coward you are, Tom.

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