Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Todays’ FTW

SammichStudiez said,

July 18, 2013 at 17:45

Just a little point for Dennis, as well as our decades-long returning Troof-fully disturbed individual; I know you want to believe that when your posts get censored, it will look like you’ve created havoc here, but the reality is, because you’re posting so obsessively throughout the day and night, usually one or two of your institutionalised rantings will not yet have been deleted, so people get to see what you’re both really like. Even if the people you are attacking are themselves freaks of the worst kind, your own behaviour and posting is so violently out of the normal you discredit yourselves beyond the point of being able to influence anyone’s thoughts.

And secondly, neither of you understand basic human interactions, do you? Because you see, people will automatically take the word of someone within their in-group, or who they feel has more social respect or status when they are seeking opinions… in this case, you’re on a liberal blog so they’ll automatically believe that, even where you and someone here are both equally mentally damaged, because the people you attack are liberals, they are still a tiny bit better a person than you. You end up reinforcing their beliefs, not damaging them, because they come to see being liberal as a saving grace.

When you have nothing beautiful, nothing wise, nothing decent to say… people will always feel better about someone who at least tells them they they agree with you. For all your antics, you can’t even manage to give that. So I pity you.

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