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Double Rain

Photography: Maybe or Maybe Not………?

Photography: Maybe or Maybe Not………?.

Some feedback for Dennis Gene


My brain is smaller than a golf ball, and I’m still smarter than Dennis Gene.



You continue to be a source of endless mirth around here.

And we Liberals really do to hate it when we laugh at things like that, or mentally and emotionally challenged people – but you give us no choice to but to ROTLOA’s off, and not feel the least bit of guilt about it!
You’re like the ONLY person we Liberal’s have ever met, who we feels deserves a beating!

You keep thinking you’re going to be Rudy, the hero, coming off the bench of non-players, at NMMNB!

Keep trying, “MORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You’re not smart or capable enough, of handing out water.

Many of us have little else to laugh at – though, sadly, NOT WITH!!!
Which is what we’d prefer.

But, keep it up!

Your Sunday Emily Dickinson: JanisMode

 for seemed eternity. Of visible, the
 labor, ring; He grew dews
  before We for the
   the not shorter away the roof passed school,
          For slowly scarcely Feels
      I passed day the At tippet I I stopped

   leisure chill, only put
 my Were his setting
         of We no The

 yet surmised he My had Immortality. Horses’
    For could We Since ourselves’tis
    The that in the
          heads passed quivering
 gazing recess, toward

     first centuries, my paused a than where Or us; knew swelling civility.

            Me; and stop sun. Ground; mound. But My gossamer
           house The he but the was cornice Because grain,
 And a
         The then
          only kindly tulle. Children Death, each
      drove, We fields gown, too, A
        just haste, strove
            and Image

Your Saturday Janus Mode Wittgenstein

P1320257But do learn that mark its simple board-games first, by spontaneous generation out something different. But then, by pointing ‘characteristic’ because our sentence consist in § we still always certain and trying to yourself? And he looks as I wish. And for grammatical question: What looks up the gesture of nuts, he goes wrong conception of choosing or by watching, and shape. (I do sometimes right, sometimes by a multitude of questions and non-existence of language. I wish. And you are, so on? subtracted from Frank Ramsey, with sentences as my thoughts. I ask again: as little as: if we utter it, sometimes explained before a square of his name. (Thus, for instance a sample instead of these words. But then correspond to force them to except itself complex, so for otherwise the words; and says: This colour is ordinarily call him!) .

Dennis with Galactic-level Butthurt

That’s bullshit, Provider. I’m neither a racist nor a mysogynist and never have been. And you’re not one to articulate either, but you are one to throw out the accusation, because someone told you it was effective in an argument. The fact that you’re an idiot that tolerates racism and misogyny when practiced among fellow liberals has nothing to do with the color of your skin and everything to do with who you are as a person.

And I played the nice guy game here. It was your friends here who took it down to the gutter level.

Sorry, Dennis Gene, but you are a moronic fucking liar.  I had to threaten you with telling your boss so that you’d stop following me around on Disqus


Put it up your ass sideways, twerp.



Who is “Dennis” and why are all of the posts over written?


It is a stalker troll, a racist and misogynist asshole to boot. We don’t like him and he has nothing of interest to contribute.


If he was interested in playing nicely his commentary would not be moderated. This blog does not belong to him.

I hope that helps.