Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA


My brain is smaller than a golf ball, and I’m still smarter than Dennis Gene.



You continue to be a source of endless mirth around here.

And we Liberals really do to hate it when we laugh at things like that, or mentally and emotionally challenged people – but you give us no choice to but to ROTLOA’s off, and not feel the least bit of guilt about it!
You’re like the ONLY person we Liberal’s have ever met, who we feels deserves a beating!

You keep thinking you’re going to be Rudy, the hero, coming off the bench of non-players, at NMMNB!

Keep trying, “MORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You’re not smart or capable enough, of handing out water.

Many of us have little else to laugh at – though, sadly, NOT WITH!!!
Which is what we’d prefer.

But, keep it up!

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