Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

Will they let me pass the filters? This, I do not know. If you merely utter the word “censor” you will be instantly erased from all of history, and so will all your children, forever and for all time.

The self-pity in this one is strong.

Will they forgive me for mentioning the fact that some people have darker skin? It’s possible, I admit. They may not delete my post.

Time will tell.

Tune in tomorrow, for The Edge of Derp.

the forgive people time. Pass

filters? For be children, for and

forever from
utter your They some If let have
may all It’s
post. They Will of
history, not
tell. My and the skin? All word

know. Will
Time all

not I will fact

possible, darker instantly I erased will you that delete mentioning they do
you me “censor” admit. Me will Sunset.

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