Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

It’s amazing how much more anger liberals have at anyone trying to make sense of it than they do the actual shooter.

This is a comment that Dennis the Dipshit left on Sadly, No! today.

Yeah, dipshit, because getting mad at a dead man is so much more productive than getting mad at a stupid git of a “professional” like DMOP who blames it on lack of psychological services for men when this guy had a lot of psychological therapy before his rampage.

This is the thread it was deleted from.

Apparently Pennis Jeans is this stupid in real life.

Oh, and here’s what I look like, without double chins as you can see here.Image

Comments on: "Dennis is being Stupidboy again." (1)

  1. Love the blog! I’m just looking forward to the day when you share my full address in Canada with all my fans.

    Everybody over at “Sadly, No” loves me so much that I’m sure they’ll want to personally congratulate me by ordering me pizzas, magazine subscriptions, and so on.

    Gotta run!

    Frank “Dennis”DiSalle

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