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Dennis and his legion of Avatars

Since Dennis got his ass kicked out of Sadly, No!, he hasn’t been a happy camper, to put it mildly. He’s taken to trolling Crooks and Liars and Progressives Forward, using a plethora of avatars to make up for his inadequate personality and limited intellect. As for the avatar names, they reveal his essential stupidity and childishness. He makes fun of my “chins” when I have a bit of a sag under my jaw. Two-chin Chutney, at best. ( I comment in Disqus under Get Chutney Love). But like an inept comedian, he stretches the joke until it reveals his underlying pathology and the lack of normality in his own life. To the names: A Liberal Dose of Chutney Frank Chuttman PortersvilleBarn 4chin Chutney Three-Chin Chutney Frankie DiAmanda Frank DiMarcotte Frank DiMeribel Chutney Taco Bell Friends of the Library Chutney Marcotti Chutney Live at the Barn Frank DiCuffolk Chutney’s In Love Frank Chutney, Male Feminist 3 Chins, 1/8th Chinese Cuffolk Regressed Porterville Putz Chutney at the Barn Chutney Marchotta Dennis Moderator(3 different times!). Angry, disappointed and sad is no way to go through life, son.