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Now things will get interesting

Dennis Eugene The White Monkey Machine

Steve M over at No More Mr Nice Guy, talking about the pathological beliefs of present-day Republicans, had this to say

The GOP is like that now. If you’re a suburban white flag-waver, even if you have a nice life, it angers you that people who aren’t like you — non-whites, non-straights, liberals, feminist women, non-Fox journalists, people who enjoy non-meat-and-potatoes culture — are also thriving. Even if you’ve had all the pie you want, it’s infuriating that such vermin get any pie. And if they start asserting themselves, well, that’s just flat-out intolerable.

White suburban flag-waver, has a million $ in the bank, but spends his time being an asshole to liberals and then trying to Mr. “Aw, shucks, let’s talk sports!” routine like nothing ever happened, that he is Mr. Good Guy after all who never doxxed a soul.
You’re out of your mind, Dennis Eugene.  You’re a morally bankrupt liar and stalker. 

You maybe a Dennis Eugene Schlacter encrusted sock puppet if…..

You may be a Dennis encrusted sock if:

1. You were created today

2. Your comments are upvoted by another Dennis sock puppet.

3. Your comments total in the low double-digits.

4. You target the same commentators that Dennis is pissed-off at as well

5. It’s a day ending in the letter Y.

6. You’re drunk.

7.  Your word is ” good”.

The biggest lie not told by Donald Trump

But Dennis is a special snowflake, don’t you know.
Oh, and like I told you earlier, White Monkey, don’t lie to the investigators, and this would be a good time to start wearing Depends.

The White Monkey is persecuted yet again.

A response to his poo-flinging


Star of stage , scream and TV

Dennis is an international star now
Oh, and he visits this site about 12 times a day.

This is so goddamn sad

Just when you think he couldn’t get any crazier:Get some help,  Dennis, or you’ll be under a 72-hour psychiatric hold before you know it.