Documenting the biggest a**hole in Midlothian, VA

I recently went back and counted how many Dennis avatars I had to block, and I came up with this

These, on the other hand, are socks that Dennis claims are all from an anti-Semitic troll who used to call himself Oy Humid back at the Oliver Willis site.
 That all of these demonstrate the same accusations Dennis levels at me, while all missing the anti-Semitism of the original Oy Humid, demonstrates the poverty of imagination our White Monkey has
Let’s look at the legion of Dennis, first:
A few observations:

Only one is an open avatar.  The rest are closed, and only have a few hundred comments apiece, except for the five-figure one that has one follower.  It must have hurt to lose that one, he probably doesn’t remember the login for it.  

16 Avatars!  Woo, what else can we say?The interesting thing is the childish dick our “troll not named Dennis” did on one avatar.
Becca must be so proud of him!
Keep demonstrating what a psycho you are, Dennis, so I’ll never run out of material for my blog. 

Comments on: "The White Monkey and his discontents" (4)

  1. Hi, Denny-boo-boo.

  2. rew the conference call you pussye meet up, screw the conference call you pussy How about we meet up, screw the

  3. I’m a child molester.

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