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He’s just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood.

Denny’s mad campaign to tell me how horrible and insignificant I am continues apace.

The nice thing about this blog, is that it never runs out of material

Having a bad day, are we?

And yet another Encrusted Sock™  by Dennis makes their debut

Special bonus:  Dennis and his devastating wit

Someone said something mean, and the Butthurt Machine swings into action

You need to GAFL and quit making hang-up calls, Dennis. 

Dance, puppet, whenever somebody says something mean about a conservative or Trump’s wife.

Poor Drunken Denny-poo-poo

But Dennis Eugene never doxxed anybody!
Just because Gomez and I pissed Dennis off, there’s no reason to believe this is an Encrusted Sock™ by Dennis.  

Have a drink,   Mr. Schlacter 

Dennis is the King of the Swingers

Becky suddenly realized that it wasn’t a good time to bother Dennis