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The verdict is in

'Nuff said.

The last sunrise of 2013

What has been the reaction since I went on silent running at Sadly, No! since earlier, today?

Except Dennis. Dennis can go suck goat balls.

Goat Balls said,

January 1, 2014 at 21:35

Under no circumstances will Dennis be sucking me. However he can kiss my masters ass.

A Goat’s Ass said,

January 1, 2014 at 21:38

HEY! What did I ever do to you?!

Whale Chowder said,

January 1, 2014 at 21:47

No offense intended to any goats or parts thereof. In fact I amend my last post to say,


please fuck as far off as you can, then rest up, then fuck off some more.

The next week should be interesting, to say the least.

Sucks to be you.

Study in lighting

And it makes me feel sorry for you being banished to this Siberian outpost of Oliver’s… up here in no man’s land trying to be part of a conversation. Probably best for you, but still.

Yes, getting banned from Sadly, No! was the height of your glory, Dennis S., and here you are stuck in the AAA league with all of the liberal lozers.


Dry Drunk yells at clouds again.

From Olivers” latest post, from His Foulness FDS:

Not just me. Him, too:

“To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson

Which, of course, is an argument in favor of those boycotting Rush’s radio stations and advertisers, they don’t want their money to go to a bloated gas bag, to argue otherwise is to be in favor of tyranny, according to Thomas Jefferson and his new friend, Renfro Swoop.

Don’t you ever tire of playing the fool on Ollies’ site and here, Frank?

Don’t answer if you can’t control your foul mouth here, Frank, if you can keep your comment PG rated I might just let it stand this time.

Do you know how to read, old man?

Frank DiSalle has again sought to redefine the word clueless:

Do you have any evidence that the reason these people got measles was because they, or their parents, believed there was a connection between autism and vaccine? Is anyone investigating the possibility that the vaccine was ineffective, either because of some defect in its manufacture, or some modern change in certain people’s physiology?

Yes, because these are all strong possibilities after the same vaccine has been used for fucking decades, idiot.

And WTF is an anti-vaxxer?

Someone who doesn’t like vax, obviously.

The President can’t visit foreign countries? Wa-a-a-a!

Frank DiStupid wrote the following on Olivers’ blog:

If he’s gonna do stupid crap like talk during the British national anthem – something even an Olympic shot putter knows better than to do – he should stay home.

When the truth of the matter is this:

President Barack Obama’s toast to Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday was interrupted when the orchestra at the state dinner began playing “God Save the Queen” before Obama finished.

Following the queen’s toast to him and the playing of the U.S. national anthem, Obama began his toast by thanking her and commenting on her reign and the close ties between their countries. The president then asked the guests to stand and join him in toasting the queen.

“To Her Majesty the Queen,” Obama began, but the orchestra — apparently thinking the president had concluded — started playing the British anthem.

Obama’s toast to the queen interrupted by the orchestra

Again, Frank DiSalle has proven himself a dummy.

A question all of us would like an answer for

Frank, why must you be dumb?

As C. S. Strowbridge put it:

“What I said, and what I meant, was that if he were first, there would have been no negative assessment of the American people. I even said “you all would be just as surprised” about 19 or 20 words into the comment.”

So Oliver said Obama shouldn’t outpoll either Teddy Roosevelt or Truman, but somehow he could be first and that would be fine?

Explain that math to me.

God, calling you dumb is a compliment.

Call him a dummy, that’s only fair, isn’t it?

Link to yet another Frank DiSalle dummy thread.

Dumbest post for the month

This is what Mr. DiSalle had to say about our system of justice:

BTW, whatever happened to “Guilty until proven innocent”? Or is that only for Democrats?

That’s the Fox News standard of justice, folks.