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Poor Dennis

From Sadly, No! before Dennis Dickcheese has his comment deleted yet again:P1300771

The truth is(like a lying motherfucker like you has any relationship to the truth), I’m a very lonely person(Which is why I run to the computer when it’s early in the morning to bash said “lonely person”). My one true passion(being a pissant), Googling, is being slowly taken away from me with my developing case of Early Onset Googleheimer’s Disease.(See what I mean?) I still have my bit part in a play no one comes to see, and there’s the cemetery across the street(because I don’t understand how geography works, there are precisely 0 houses across the street from said cemetery), and the garbage cans to bring two feet from the sidewalk to the end of the driveway once a week(because I really, really care about garbage), but other than that, googling for attention on this blog is about it…(because I can’t post here for more than a few hours at a time, can you imagine how angry that makes me feel?).and now I can’t remember from one day to the next what I’ve already googled.(because I keep repeating the same joke until it reaches the center of the earth because I’ve run it into the ground so often.)

Dennis, nobody cares about your years-old picture of my neighborhood.

But thanks for demonstrating that someone without much in the way of brains or imagination is a VP at a declining bank located in Norfork, VA

My latest comment about Frank

Frank DiSalle gives a new meaning to the word ignorant in this thread. Indeed, at his present rate of errors and stupidity, his ignorance will be visible from the inner Solar System by the time the November elections roll around.


SF and his discontents

SF is so stupid I always fly away from him when I see him

This is what SaveFerris, or SF(which could also stand for Self-Refuting, which would explain a lot) had to say about the kerfluffle about Obama being out of Washington, D.C., when yesterday’s quake hit at Olllie’s place:

You, alright?!? We learned it by watching you!

Conservatives aren’t good at being original in their tactics, according to SF.

And, BTW, Frank DiSalle is still a dummy