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He’s foaming at the mouth

and it isn’t because of hydrophobia:

I am still waiting for evidence that abortion is a difficult decision.

I have no evidence that the decision to have an abortion was difficult.

But who supplies that pressure [to have an abortion]? The left, of course

I never said that that one woman represented evidence of anything … You all imagined that

they offer them support, counseling and advice – things they will never receive inside an abortion clinic

The problem is that pro-abortion people refuse to acknowledge [a baby is human at] any such point before delivery

    You are suggesting that any pregnant woman should be free to terminate that pregnancy, until the child’s body makes it out of the womb.

    [You are suggesting that] A teenager in school … should be able to have an abortion as simply as “Meet Suzy at the Mall… check. Buy the latest Ke$ha joint… check. Have an abortion… check.”

As Mr. Martin put it:

And the winning category on today’s episode of Pyramid is: Things That Simply Aren’t True *

* (but some will desperately insist absolutely are because without their fantasies to argue against they’d actually have to actually acknowledge painful truths. Such as, they’re not completely right and the other side has made valid points.)

You can find the gory details here.