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Poor Dennis

From Sadly, No! before Dennis Dickcheese has his comment deleted yet again:P1300771

The truth is(like a lying motherfucker like you has any relationship to the truth), I’m a very lonely person(Which is why I run to the computer when it’s early in the morning to bash said “lonely person”). My one true passion(being a pissant), Googling, is being slowly taken away from me with my developing case of Early Onset Googleheimer’s Disease.(See what I mean?) I still have my bit part in a play no one comes to see, and there’s the cemetery across the street(because I don’t understand how geography works, there are precisely 0 houses across the street from said cemetery), and the garbage cans to bring two feet from the sidewalk to the end of the driveway once a week(because I really, really care about garbage), but other than that, googling for attention on this blog is about it…(because I can’t post here for more than a few hours at a time, can you imagine how angry that makes me feel?).and now I can’t remember from one day to the next what I’ve already googled.(because I keep repeating the same joke until it reaches the center of the earth because I’ve run it into the ground so often.)

Dennis, nobody cares about your years-old picture of my neighborhood.

But thanks for demonstrating that someone without much in the way of brains or imagination is a VP at a declining bank located in Norfork, VA


ImageWhen you call someone an idiot and then misspell subsequent responses to said ‘idiot’, it’s time to head to the showers.