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Being called a pervo by our favorite sociopath is so fun!

Dennis Dr Entheta
6 minutes ago
You seem obsessed. Harassing her on the phone when you called here 50 times not enough for you. Need more of it, DA?

Going through perversion withdrawals.
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Dr Entheta Dennis
a few seconds ago
Perversion is beating one’s child when one is a habitual drunkard, like that piece of excrement Frank DiSalle. I’ll post this at my blog in case Tony decided to delete your crap.  You can flag my comments if you like.  You aren’t going to report me to Disqus because then you can’t interact with me anymore.  And if you want to come to East Gliplib, CA and take the quarter tour of this vile, poor desert town, I’d be glad to do it for free.


Thanks for looking up my blog here, now I have your home IP and I can have a lot of fun with it later on. Cheers!